meizitang daily stretching 70 seconds change “lean body

Explain why stretching before you can lose weight? In fact, this is because the stretching through the following three ways to enhance the basal metabolism:

1 to promote fat burning

Stretch of time can stimulate the back muscles, meizitang tendons, especially the spine to stand, exercise the body burn fat easily.

2 At the same time to reach abdominal breathing and Xiongshihuxi

When stretch easily to unconscious abdominal and Xiongshihuxi. Through these two breathing, which can stimulate the activities of internal organs, improve respiratory function can promote the body’s basal metabolism.

3 using the muscles of the body

Stretching allows the muscles of the body soft and flexible. Especially for the abdominal muscle exercises, and the lumbar curve sculpture of great help.

After getting up stretching exercise

In the wake stretching exercise before bed. Lying in bed, facing the ceiling, gently stretching stretching body! Hands stretched upward as close to ear, knees slightly open legs straight, try to stretch the fingers and toes. Concentrate on the abdominal breathing: “inhale, exhale,” 15 seconds x2 times.
“Stretching diet,” the full version

Three meals a day as long as the following steps before the stretching operation for 70 seconds (that day as long as 3 minutes and 30 seconds), can effectively exercise the body as fat is not easy Oh!

Step1: stretch, while botanical slimming keeping your hands palms facing each other (with abdominal breathing 15 seconds x2 times) is 30 sec

Feet shoulder width apart, hands extended upward as far as possible, face to the point of view, stretching back as far as possible backward bending. Concentrate on the abdominal breathing: “inhale, exhale,” 15 seconds x2 times.

Stretching exercise for health but also help

Step2: stretching, hands, palms up (with Xiongshihuxi 15 seconds x2 times) is 30 sec

And Step1 same position, hands folded palms up. Breathing method to switch Xiongshihuxi – take a deep breath of air into the lungs a large number. “Inhale, exhale,” 15 seconds x2 times.

A feeling of breathing for 15 seconds, then the pain is very difficult, you can start with 10 seconds start start! Not Taimian Jiang, so stretching exercise can last a day is more important!

Step3: A total of 10 seconds to relax the body

Step1 and Step2 are backward tilting the body, in order to balance the body, and finally the need for forward movement and stretching to the side.

A, left and right lateral bending the body to stretch time, exercise the back stretch to use less than the side of the abdominal muscles. Note to palm inward, slowly stretch!

B, bending forward to stretch the back muscles stretch contraction, can not touch the floor then hand it does not matter, you can stretch as much as possible!
Used above stretching movements, could also challenge the application papers Oh. In daily life, will become a habit of stretching exercise, increase basal metabolism, to develop easy to lean body!

In addition to stretching exercise can increase basal metabolism, lean body mass than training is easy, but also for the health effects!

1 to prevent overeating:botanical slimming soft gel

Long-term position can be adjusted for stretching exercise to prevent muscle decline to support internal organs to prevent visceral ptosis, can prevent overeating. In addition, stretching can accelerate blood circulation, stimulate the sympathetic nervous activation, inhibition of appetite.

(2) to prevent and alleviate back pain

Condensation can solve stiff muscles, improve blood circulation, improve back pain. In addition to increase muscle mass can prevent back pain.

3 to improve the cold hands and feet

Increased muscle mass, the body heat capacity will rise, cold hands and feet to improve the situation.

4 improve constipation

Abdominal breathing can promote the activity of the diaphragm, resulting in the effect of massage internal organs. Stimulate the liver to obtain stomach, constipation situation can be improved.

5 to eliminate the pressure

Stretching to adjust the operation of the sympathetic and parasympathetic. Sympathetic secrete a substance that mental stability of the brain, eliminating pressure.

Such a simple stretching exercise, meizitang botanical slimming there are so many benefits, one just 70 seconds long, why not?
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